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  • 47 new copper/brass radiator styles
  • 7 new all metal surge tank styles
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UHD engineering improvements

  • UHD has heavy duty knowledge and manufacturing capabilities within the group dating back to 1907
  • This extensive knowledge and world wide coverage gives UHD the leading edge in heavy duty heat transfer

Radiators Offered

Bolt-On Radiator

Solder-On Radiator

Plastic Aluminum Radiator

UHD Bolt-On Structure Advantages

  • Built in CT and FF Cores

UHD Solder-On Structure Advantages

  • Available in CT for stock however can be constructed in FF for off road applications

UHD Plastic Aluminum Structure Advantages

Ribbon header

Extra crimp strip, header reinforcements

Ribbed headers, OE quality tanks

UHD holds the best standards for the heavy duty trucking industry!

Features of UHD Standard product

Core Advantages

  • Max. heat transfer performance
  • Corrosion-resistance alloys
  • Thick soldering on header plates
  • Solder face coating on cores for enhanced corrosion protection
  • Section steel cores
  • Ribbed Header
  • Corner backup plate
  • Drop seam header
  • Dimple tubes for Increases thermal performance 8-10%
  • High quality raw material from Aurubis, Sweden producing high quality products
  • In-House heat transfer design to match/exceed OE specs
  • Vibration Grommets

thick soldering

Rubber Grommet

thermal data sheet

Standard UHD Quality Points

  • OE Quality

    Superior, reliable performance compared to other after market product
  • Exact Fit

    No Additional time consuming steps needed for product installation
  • Thick Soldering

    Reliable and strong HP to Tube joints
  • Enhanced alloy

    Advanced corrosion resistance
  • Thermal Data Sheet

    In-House Thermal design
  • Packaging

    5 ply Card board packaging
  • Packaging Internal

    InstaPak 94/62/EC Conforms to European Packaging Directive
  • Various Specialized coatings

    NitroCellolose Auto Paint
  • Vibration & pressure pulsation test