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Serck Heat Exchange

Agricultural / Construction / Off Highway

With the ability to fabricate and retro fit many of today’s plastic/aluminum radiators to a heavy duty copper brass construction we are able to offer our customers a more durable and serviceable unit for their severe service vehicles. Some of the features available are abrasion resistance, reduced external plugging and air flow restriction, corrosion protection, replaceable tubes, folded core conversions and improved cooling.

Plant equipment / Power generation

We offer a replacement line of radiators for lift trucks, generators, power units, crushers, welders as well as other plant equipment. Many of these units are available with upgraded features to enhance the performance of your equipment. Complete packages with fans, motors, shrouds etc are also available along with our ability to custom fabricate a unit designed for your specific needs.

Oil & Gas / Mining / Locomotive

Komatsu, Caterpillar, Liebherr, LeTourneau, Wabco, Dresser, Terex, Atlas Copco, L&M - Mesabi, are just some of makes we supply. No matter what the unit is; Aluminum, Folded core, Modular core, conventional core, Mesabi or a mechanically bonded header we have the capabilities to supply what you need. From the high altitude of the Rocky Mountains to the extreme heat of the Arizona desert our experience and expertise provide you with a cooling solution.

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Engineers and certifications

  • Serck Services has a diverse and experienced team of engineers spanning the globe
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