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about unipart heavy duty cooling & components

What Is Unipart Heavy Duty Cooling & Components ( UHD )

  • UHD is a new division of Serck Services Inc., part of the Unipart Group of Companies.  The Unipart group is a $1.5 Billion global business with its headquarters based in Oxford, United Kingdom.  Unipart Group employs over 10,000 people globally. 
  • UHD was created to further expand the Group’s cooling and components presence in the US heavy duty truck industry.  A number of the Unipart Group’s companies will be supplying products and services to UHD.
    • Intertruck BV, a leading global aftermarket parts supplier for heavy duty trucks in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
    • Serck Services International, a global manufacturer of heat transfer products based in the UAE.
    • Unipart Logistics, a global 3PL logistics provider with major clients such as Jaguar/Landrover.

We are able to provide fit for purpose product that has been rigorously tested and backed with thermal performance comparisons against O.E. and other aftermarket product; providing market leading quality and finish of product and packaging.

A different kind of Company

When many people think of Unipart, they recall a company that revolutionized the automotive aftermarket in the 1970s. A lot has changed since then; Unipart is now a highly diversified company bringing a wide range of benefits to clients in the rail, technology, on-line fashion, retail, public and automotive sectors.  Each of our client relationships is unique, but what is common to most is how Unipart enables significant cost reductions, improvements in capacity and customer service and a level of engagement with employees that delivers real commercial benefits.  Our operations now span three major areas: logistics, manufacturing and consultancy. But across all three, there is a single approach that enables us to deliver more than our clients expect. We call that The Unipart Way.

Where UHD Fits

Unipart International Organization Structure

With operations based in mainland Europe, the Gulf and the USA, Unipart International provides services and products to the truck and bus aftermarket, the collision parts industry and the industrial and automotive heat exchange markets.

Comprising a mixture of distribution, service and manufacturing companies, Unipart International has a global reach, and its operating companies are recognized as leaders in their specific fields.

Serck Services

Serck Services Inc. supplies the trucking, agricultural, off highway, mining, and automotive industries with a comprehensive range of after-market radiators, A/C condensers, charge air coolers, oil coolers, aftercoolers, intercoolers, heat exchangers, fuel tanks, surge tanks and fans.


Serck Gulf

Serck Gulf is the only international heat transfer technology specialist in the Middle East, offering heat exchange service to Industrial, Marine and Automotive sector. It manufactures and exports radiator, air conditioning coil and heat recovery products.



Intertruck Benelux B.V. is a leading importer and distributor of truck, bus and trailer parts for the professional market. We have an extensive range of quality products available from stock. Our expertise, a high order fill and a service-oriented organization enable us to distribute our products quickly in the Benelux region and throughout Europe.


Van Wezel

Van Wezel Autoparts specializes in the import and export of spare parts for cars including lighting, mirrors, radiators, wings, bonnets and bumpers. The main company is located in Tienen, Belgium but there are also other sales points and warehouses in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic.


unipart international organization structure

Creating a new vision

Today, The Unipart Group is one of the largest private companies in our sector, employing over 10,000 staff around the world, with an annual turnover in excess of £1 billion. We are Britain’s second largest, employee owned company, with the majority of shares being held by employees.  But when the group formed nearly three decades ago, it was ideas rather than size that shaped our fortunes.  Unipart was originally a division of the car manufacturer British Leyland - until a management buy-out gave us independence over twenty years ago. This was the start of our journey of transformation.  When we became independent from British Leyland, which, like much of British industry in the 1980s, was known for its poor productivity and terrible industrial relations, it was clear that we needed to find a new way of working - and a new approach to employees. It was the start of the Unipart Way


The Unipart Way

Delivering better than expected results for our clients. This new way was informed by the best practice from Japan and around the world. While it included adopting the principles of lean thinking, it was also a move from ‘command and control’ to the beginning of ‘employee engagement’. We called this new approach, The Unipart Way. The Unipart Way has been at the center of our growth and today it is our standard way of working across all the companies in the Unipart Group. It is our proven method of generating our high levels of employee engagement, which deliver a wide range of benefits for all our customers.  Unipart people consistently strive to deliver better than expected results through their high levels of engagement, underpinned by our operational excellence.  It is what we call Performance through Engagement.



Manufacturing has played a key role in the original development of our expertise in the application of lean thinking and continuous improvement. It was the birthplace of ‘The Unipart Way’. Today we continue to manufacture, in two UK joint ventures, original equipment components with all the necessary accreditation to be a first tier supplier to several leading vehicle makers In the North of England we provide re-manufacturing services for the railways. Our Dorman subsidiary is the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of LED based traffic control and hazard warning systems. In the Midlands, we have built the largest UK facility for repairing mobile phones. Our manufacturing and service operations in the Middle East and the USA are leaders in heat transfer technology and the manufacture of radiators and heat recovery products for both the industrial and automotive markets



We are one of Europe’s leading independent logistics companies with operations and locations around the globe. What sets us apart is a strong corporate philosophy, The Unipart Way, which enables us to improve existing client operations delivering cost savings and productivity improvements, or to help clients to enter new markets around the world. Like a chameleon we demonstrate a logistics capability that can swiftly adapt to your changing requirements. Based on lean principles, our way of working is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. It means we constantly improve our processes and build the skills of employees, both within our own organization and at our clients’ operations. Using this approach we have attracted a diverse, worldwide client base in retail, consumer products, technology, automotive, aerospace and defense.

Our services range from warehousing, fulfillment and engineer support services to reverse logistics. And we manage end-to-end, global supply chain solutions that include sourcing, procurement, technical services and business support. We are a global distributor of collision and commercial vehicle parts. In the UK, we recently sold the car parts distributor, Unipart Automotive. Although we retain a significant holding, the Unipart Group also has a long heritage in the railway industry based on decades of experience. We are the largest product and service partner for the UK rail industry in which we combine extensive engineering and logistics skills with industry leading supply chain expertise. We also provide logistics services to the rail industry in Europe and Australia. Our specialist expertise includes materials supply for railway infrastructure, traction and rolling stock, combined with resources for re-manufacturing, service and repair.



Our consulting division works with organizations in any sector to increase their capability, reduce costs and deliver better customer service. It helps break down silos and create a new way of working. The approach used to achieve this is not new; we have been developing it for the last 20 years and it has enabled us to completely transform our own organization. We have used the experience of our own transformation to help others improve their processes. This proven method has now been adopted by organizations around the world, from manufacturing and banking to healthcare and the public sector. In addition, we provide specialist supply chain consultancy. As anyone seeking to introduce lean, or improve operational effectiveness knows - the biggest challenge is ensuring that the new methods and their benefits are sustained. What is different about our approach is our focus on ensuring high levels of engagement among employees at every level. We work with you to understand your needs and create the overall plan. Then we coach your people in the use of our integrated system that enables them to design, test and implement their own solutions. This ensures that they take ownership and thus the benefits are sustained. The Unipart Way is not to “do it for you”, we “teach you how to do it for yourself”, thereby ensuring a deep sense of ownership and commitment.